Opinions Swing Like a Pendulum Do

Up until around a year ago everybody was supposed to be in favor of prοn (misspelling on purpose). The only people who could possibly be against such a life affirming sex positive enterprise were bitter old feminists and repressed religious maniacs.

Then bit by bit I started noticing anti-prοn comments here and there from unusual sources. Then by the last week a section of the internet is going full on against the material on a variety of grounds related to harm to performers (which I don’t doubt) and harm to family formation (a bit more skeptical about that one). I don’t know if this will die out or flare up and die out or if it’s just the beginning of a real change in attitudes (which I suspect it might be though I think it’ll take a while to reach the normies).

Unlike the “you should eat bugs and live in a pod with no privacy” movements that seemed carefully coordinated this seems a tiny bit more like grassroots, people deciding enough is enough and it’s time to do something about it.

One of my favorite aphorisms is “No pendulum swings in the same direction forever”. For better or worse the last couple of years probably represent that the pro prοn pendulum has reached the end of its swing. As it starts back toward the middle it’s liable to take a bunch of other… causes? with it, the only question is which ones.

I’d like to think that backlash won’t undo a bunch of other changed social transformations with it, but you never know.

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