Theory of Everything

Recently on this episode of Chapo Trap House, a very important point was made that people should always remember and never forget (but which I keep forgetting).

The financial and political ‘elite’ tend to be the biggest suckers and morons on the planet. They almost never suffer any direct consequence from making mistakes beyond slight dips in relative status with other elites. This is why it can be very easy to bilk them of vast amounts of money or con them into believing in prima facie stupid ideas and to heartily support idiotic dysfunctional policies that hurt everyone but them. It’s less that they harbor malice toward the rest of us they just don’t think. Which means they might as well be treated as toxic dumps because the effects of their endless feckless idiocy are born by everyone else.

A very few people who really are smarter and more ambitious than other people end up with large amounts of money and/or power but their children tend to be as dumb as fence posts and far less useful. Others simply luck into fortunes and convince themselves that means they’re smart and they’re not necessarily dumb to begin with but the mind-killing effects of wealth soon kick in.

Remember, just because someone has huge amounts of money doesn’t mean they’re smarter than you, it almost certainly means the exact opposite.

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