Wake Up and Smell the Scam

I have no earthly idea why people are surprised at recent ‘revelations’ that the US government ‘misled’ the public about Afghanistan and Iraq. I realized that this whole ‘war or terror’ was a scam about 0.00003 milliseconds after it was announced.

Early reports from Afghanistan and then Iraq made it abundantly clear that both projects were giant boondoggles, ways of funneling large amounts of US funds into well connected private ‘contractors’. No progress was made because no progress was supposed to be made, the failure was just a feature necessary to keep the scam going and the money flowing.

There was no way to hide this and they didn’t hide it. They didn’t spell it out in capital letters or in morse code so some people were able to pretend they didn’t realize what was going on but anyone who came close to supporting invading either Afghanistan or Iraq who doesn’t crawl on their belly begging forgiveness for being a mug and a sucker is a crook at heart and has no slightest authority to opine on foreign policy.

To be clear, if you followed, even in the most casual way, reports from both countries the only possible explanations were

a: the US government and military are being run by incompetent boobs

b: the whole process was a crock to begin with and the deaths of American soldiers were an acceptable trade off for the criminals in charge to get their pay offs

c: a and b

There is no other option that makes any sense. If you ever supported either misadventure then you’re a sucker and boob (or worse).

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