Have The Neocons Won? (And Everyone Else Lost?)

The neocons (aka ‘the worst people ever’) have long been itching for a war with Iran (a monumentally stupid idea even for a group of people known for monumentally stupid ideas). Had Hillary Clinton won in 2016 I’m sure the war would be raging. Trump has been a far far better president than Obama (or Clinton, Bush, Shrub or Reagan) so far simply because he’s been able to keep them at bay and not start a monumentally stupid war with Iran to follow their catastrophic wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I’m not going to pretend to know what happened at the US Embassy because I don’t trust the modern journalistic establishment (because I can’t because they’re all proven liars). All I know is I don’t want war, I want the neocons out of the government. A just society would have exiled these bloodthirsty psychopathic parasites years ago.

No war with Iran! No war for the Neocon death cult!

That is all.

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