Collateral Narcissistic Damage

A bit over a year ago, a malignant narcissist, after years of verbally abusing co-workers, began a coordinated campaign against the director of my workplace and as a result the unit I work in (with about 100 other employees) was ‘dissolved’… which began a year or so of meetings as the employees fell into two camps, one (which I joined) wanted to revive the unit in a similar form and the other wanted some kind of radical restructuring.

Finally, against the wishes of an obstructionist Dean who was using the narcissist for their own ends (a personal feud with the former director), about two thirds of the employees succeeded in getting the head of the university to recognize the new unit. The third or so who were following the narcissist failed in getting their proposed unit recognized and they’re being parceled out to other existing units.

It’s more or less the scenario I had imagined and but for the evil Dean (who went out of their way to damage the unit, its employees and students) it would have ended much sooner.

But there’s another victim…. my office. I now have to move offices as employees are shuffled around to their new sub-units. I love my current office on the quieter side of the building and thanks to forgiving and tolerant office mates its a glorious mess of books in a  dozen or so languages piled all over the place in total chaos and a bunch of other stuff (gifts from traveling colleagues or departing students or other trinkets I managed to gather over the years).

My new office is on the noisy side of the building next to a busy street and while I get along fine with my office-mate-to-be I am dreading moving hundreds of books on all kinds of topics (from scholarly publications to popular literature) and worse… getting rid of a bunch of them. No matter that I had no active plans to read most of them (and can’t read some of them in languages like Estonian or Afrikaans or Basque) I liked having them around, should I ever decide to learn Catalan or Russian I had a good head start on building a library…

And I also have to throw out years and years of student work which is now harder because of idiotic EU “privacy” regulations…. (taking the student’s name off isn’t enough it’s still supposed to be shredded).

Meanwhile, the narcissist has (finally!) been fired from the university for misconduct(!) because they didn’t realize that verbally attacking the head of the university and screaming at a disciplinary board (investigating co-worker complaints against them) and storming out of the room wasn’t a good idea.

It’s kind of a shame because the person in question is extremely talented in their field – they just never learned basic rules of human behavior. The person also has health problems because walking around in a never-ending state of self-righteous rage is not a healthy way to live. I really wish the person would try to get the help they need…

But my sympathy ends when I think of having to move offices…. blech….



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