Strangers on a Strange Planet….

The process of finding the Democratic nominee for President of the US of A has been terribly frustrating. The candidates are mostly uninspiring (when not downright repulsive and/or evil). And the campaigns themselves (debates, everything else) have been infuriatingly irrelevant and pointless.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania: buttigieg robot

Candidate Xil’xi4t7 consulting with his supervisor before interacting with the hyou-manz

This is what alienation looks like in a political system. The candidates (with the partial exceptions of Sanders and Gabbard) are so removed and alienated from the rest of the population that they literally cannot think in terms of policies that benefit most citizens. They often seem like real extra-terrestrials masquerading in their new human costumes and trying to blend in. When asked about issues that they don’t understand (which is all of them) they access their incomplete data banks and go off on wild tangents in hilariously failed attempts at fraternizing with this weird species that they find simultaneously ridiculous and repellent.

Once you think of it in those terms it’s almost entertaining.



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