Manufacturing Joementum

From the outside, American political processes don’t appear anything like the way they appear from the inside. American politics is a bit like Tinkerbell, it needs the belief that everything is working to continue – but when you’re not immersed in the “the system is working” propaganda loop and just see the results it’s obvious that it’s deeply broken.

The current status of Joe Biden as democratic front runner might seem like the result of “what the voters want” within the US media cocoon but from Europe it looks the result of months of planned and coordinated action by the DNC, from the immolation of the Iowa caucus (to prevent Sanders from getting any momentum) to the maintenance of the Warren campaign long after it was clear it had no smallest chance of success to the precipitously timed resignations of Buttigieg and Klobuchar (and later Bloomberg) it looks more like an Oceans 11 plot than an organic political process.

Enjoy your sundowning barely functional and very unhealthy nominee Democrats, by this point it’s what you deserve.

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1 Response to Manufacturing Joementum

  1. Clarissa says:

    I feel like I’m on the outside because that’s exactly how I see it. Biden is perfect because if elected he’ll obviously be incapable of doing any work. He’ll be an easily controllable figurehead.

    And I wouldn’t necessarily say that nominating Biden shows that Democrats don’t mind losing the general. They spent years revving up mass hysteria about Trump being on the verge of unleashing something apocalyptic and many people sincerely believe it. Very many people. They will vote for a corpse to get rid of Trump.

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