Respawn, Reset or Killing our Dudes?

From the beginning I’ve thought that the economic consequences of the coronavirus will be far more serious and long lasting than the medical effects.

But I have no idea of what’s going on right now. So many of the actions of governments have seemed disoriented and slow and reactive as if they had no idea they’d ever have to deal with serious, existential threats (I’m sure they didn’t, they’re not nearly smart enough).

I can only think of three real possibilities (that fit the facts as I understand them).

First – They’re really that feckless and incompetent and making it up as they go along. This fits with the psychopathic mental makeup that a person needs to be successful in politics, I’ve known a few psychopaths (sensu largo) and one of my takeaways is that they live completely in the moment and do anything to get through the present moment, the next moment is a bridge they’ll cross when they get to it. They’re thinking they make a bunch of last second decisions and eventually they’ll have to make fewer as things get back to normal.

Second – They’re using the disruption brought about by coronavirus as some kind of economic reset. It’s no secret that the economic model of future debt and speculation and financial hocus pocus (derivatives anybody?) was not sustainable and would eventually crash. Now, they’re using coronavirus to (ultimately) wipe out massive amounts of debt, which isn’t that big a deal anyway since most of it is just digital and in no way real.

Third – They’re using virus to ultimately asset strip everybody that isn’t them. This is the darkest scenario and I’m not sure how it could work in Europe outside the UK (where when all is said and done there’s actually more sensitivity to voter unrest and unhappiness than in the US). But in the English speaking world (maybe without Australia I’m not sure yet) the idea is that financial elites want to restructure societies on the Latin American model (small elite, even smaller middle class and about 80-85 % of the population with no economic or political or social security living hand to mouth and being regarded and treated as being totally disposable by the elite).

There might be other options I’m not smart enough to see but these are the only scenarios that seem to fit so far…



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