The Least They Can Do

The euro did well for a couple of years in good times and completely failed at its first big stress test as the decision was made to place the Southern service economies (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal) in permanent debt to private bankers. That was the moment that the EU stopped being about improving citizens’ quality of life and instead became an instrument of neoliberalism.

Now over ten years later the EU has faced it’s first major non-financial stress test and it has, essentially, completely failed.

Listening to Ursuala von der Leyen’s “apology” to Italy for screwing it over at the beginning of the coronavirus (and pretty consistently since) sounds like it was written by a computer answering the query: What’s the bare minimum we can say and still maintain the status quo?

And, in case anyone was wondering “Europe as a whole offers a heartfelt apology” is not an apology.

It might not work… recent polls have found a twenty or more percentage point fall for the idea of being in the EU at all and one found an absolute majority in favor of leaving the EU, the euro or both…

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