The Worst News is the News

It’s safe to say that most coronavirus coverage in the mainstream media (in most or all(?) countries) has been pretty awful. It’s extremely hard to find daily infection/fatality rates in Poland (the figures are very low but updated a time or two each day with no real reference to day by day rates or things like RO rates.

Similarly, while almost all fatalities have been of patients with “choroby współistniejące” (comorbidities) there’s no explanation of what these are. In a hypochondriac driven healthcare system like that of Poland almost anything a micron out of the ordinary is liable to be labelled a comorbidity and so the information is essentially useless (virtually every human being over 50 years of age has comorbidities…). The EU’s idiotic personal data protection regulations might have something to do with this as well as disclosing what comorbidities a patient had might be considered personal information (that’s just a guess).

Internationally it doesn’t seem to be any better, lots of publicity is given to alarmist scenarios with not real research based data or what seem like extreme statistical outliers that should have no real influence on policy. Meanwhile the real studies that are being done are not nearly so alarming and so they get no publicity. I don’t have the background to digest the raw data but as far as I can tell coronavirus just isn’t that contagious except in close quarters in closed environments (like hospitals and care homes). There’s still no convincing explanation of why something generally so mild can trigger such extreme reactions in a few patients.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say that governments have coopted the press in a disinformation campaign to distract the public from something else… do I really know any better?




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