Have We Been Played?

I’m starting to get the idea that some governments (okay, just about all of them) are instrumentalizing Coronavirus (however dangerous it is) to reinforce and strengthen austerity. This isn’t the end of austerity but its final victory as most societies are ruthlessly third-worlded.

All the stories about how much better the air is? How the animals are now frolicking in the cities without those bothersome people? Religious leaders and bubblebrained celebrities talking about messages from the Earth or God?

The economy isn’t going to restart because they’re shutting it down on purpose – to the cheers of too many suckers. Healthcare and infrastructure will be gutted and more and more people will be permanently unemployed surviving (or not) on charity as governments and the Greens preen.

I’d like to be wrong about this, I’d love it. But the evidence is mounting and obligatory austerity (no more fun travel or discretionary income for you) seems to be the goal.

The longer things stay closed the more likely this has nothing to do with the disease and everything to do with a return to a medieval order of serfs and lords. Hi there, fellow serfs!

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3 Responses to Have We Been Played?

  1. Ed says:

    I think you are more on the right track than anyone else.

    There is still a chance this is a genuine panic, or a drill or exercise (though this will just mean the real crackdown will still happen a few years in the future). We will know for sure in a couple months. But likely this is a permanent change to impose austerity on the general population, with enough loss of civil liberties to make it stick.

    I actually think the environmentalists are right that at seven plus billion, the human population is way over the carrying capacity of Earth, and eventually the environmental cost of supporting the population will be intolerable. But in contrast to most right wing bloggers, I don’t think this is some underhanded attempt to impose population control or population reduction. The ruling class likes their slaves. The idea is to keep the seven plus billion but reduce everyone’s consumption, pretty much everyone eats beans from here on out.

  2. Clarissa says:

    Reblogged this on Clarissa's Blog and commented:
    I think that it’s time to start discussing the reaction to COVID in terms of its contribution to the austerity project.

    The U of Ohio announced the other day that it’s firing TT professors. Yes, it’s starting with the really stupid fields that everybody hates and the administration is claiming that the firings are not entirely caused by COVID. Still, it’s a fact that the firings are happening and they are being partially justified by COVID.

    My colleagues are, as of this minute, editing a request for a new tenure-track hire. Bless their souls, I think they are crazeeeee. We will all be lucky to keep our jobs given what’s coming. Our state will be absolutely ruined and all sorts of austerity will be inflicted on us. And we will accept it because it will be done under the name of COVID.

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