Has China Pscyhed the World Out?

As far as I can consciously recollect I haven’t seen this exact theory anywhere though I might have. But my evolving thinking on the coronavirus…. situation is now shooting off into bizarre directions. So, here it is… feel free to gasp or laugh or just sadly shake your head, whatever seems appropriate.

So…. China realizes it’s headed for a difficult economic patch (this is common knowledge). The government probably has access to more reliable figures than the phony ones they feed the world (I’m sure they’re awful and misleading but the Chinese government is probably able to take that into account).

What it doesn’t want more than anything is lose economically in terms of relative position so it wants the rest of the world to take a massive economic hit as well. Then along comes a bat virus (new viruses are always showing up in China so it’s not like they have to wait for long).

The virus isn’t that serious for most people though it can easily turn deadly for a very small minority with certain underlying medical conditions. The government then takes steps to export the virus both, throughout China  (Wuhan is apparently a transportation hub so lots of opportunity there) and abroad as well. It also, and here is the devious part, pretends to look like it’s trying to cover things up (and failing while carefully letting just enough slip to freak everyone out). It enlists its old ally the WHO (wittingly or not, I’m not so sure) to further this pretend cover up. The world will believe the government is trying to squash information because that’s pretty true to type and assume the worst and follow through in preparations for a massive deadly pandemic…. that never really arrives (though it does get bad in a few very densely populated regions).

The thinking went, maybe, that foreign economies would get beat up as well as governments over-reacted in copying the the lock down protocol pioneered by the Chinese Communist Party in Wuhan. Then after a few months with everybody bruised and bloodied and dazed the economy would start huffing and lumbering into gear again with China in no worse shape vis a vis the major foreign economies.

Does that sound too crazy? It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Tell me, please, that it sounds crazy (and explain why).

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3 Responses to Has China Pscyhed the World Out?

  1. methylethyl says:

    No crazier than what’s been in the news. If true… poorly thought out on their part, as I expect it will result in a huge re-jiggering of supply chains to reduce dependence on China. It seems also possible that whatever weird thing was going on in China was mostly internal politics to do with Xi’s faction crippling a competing faction.

  2. eD says:

    You are describing a batman gambit launched by the Chinese.

    However, my thought is that the batman gambit went the other ways. Western intelligence agencies released a non-very harmful biowarfare agent in China, knowing the Chinese government would freak out when it found out about it and lockdown the country. That then served as the excuse for the real goal of the operation, the lockdown in the USA.

  3. Artodisque says:

    Now why would China do such a thing that would clearly go against its own interest? If anything China will be even worse in the short and medium-term after this pandemic which will accentuate the regionalization trend already going on. Nearshoring and shorter supply-chains will be favoured after the pandemic ends over manufacturing at 10k km distance. Probably the European industry will pull back on ffwd out of China and come back partly automatized, partly concentrated in CEE countries (although a good part of it already is here, more expensive than Asia, but closer).

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