Being dragged kicking and streaming…

I was very psyched last weekend. The university was preparing to begin classes again as of June 1 and the coronavirus situation is absolutely under control with a small number of deaths (currently averaging about 10 a day with an average age of around 75) and hospitalization numbers steadily decreasing.

I hoped I could still make something of the crappy situation and save a bit of the school year. Then Monday morning when the final details were to be announced… no classes after all (except for a few in situations that require physical equipment and the new ‘return to normal classes) is set to happen no sooner than October 1 (the university year here begins on October 1 which is weird….).

I spent the next few days in denial and have reluctantly started to sign in to things that will increase some kind of semi-direct access with students though I despise them (and the university has some deal with the devil Microsoft so we’re expected to use that crap. Especially since as many exams as possible are supposed to be carried out remotely. This is a nightmare and a half and can’t be waved away since the Polish situation is exam-centric to an absurd degree. It was only beginning a few years ago that students got grades for classwork, that was all pass/fail and only exam grades counted for anything (which is absurd but that’s another rant for another day). They also include individual oral exams for every student (I blame Roman Catholicism, the exams are mini catechisms).

During my virgin skype talk, a colleague pointed out some fairly sound reasoning for not having physical classes again this semester but they were also upset about the October beginning since they wanted to organize a symposium in September with guests from a dozen or more countries.

I hate remote work more than I can express and am prepared to spend as much time as possible laying the groundwork for armed rebellion (or some kind of protest or strike or something) should the return to normalcy be put off again for this nothing burger of a pandemic….

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