Best soap opera on youtube…

As crazy as they can be, vegans have some of the most consistently entertaining channels on youtube, never more so than when drahmah occurs. The combination of self-righteousness and awareness of how many people think they’re obsessive weirdos (not an insult, obsessive weirdos are some of my favorite people).

Recently, a very prominent vegan body builder influencer guy decided he doesn’t want to be vegan anymore and more butthurt you have never seen in your lives. Virtually every prominent vegan has decided that they must urgently respond to this, the biggest news story of the year for them. Most of them sound roughly like 15 year-old mean girls who’ve just found out the boy they’re obsessed with just asked another girl to the dance. My favorite is a British woman who’s made something like four (and counting) videos about him (not that she’s that interested in him or anything).

The former vegan influencer in question doesn’t sound very bright and listening between the lines (and listening between the lines of a video by his brother) make it possible to put together a working hypothesis.

He went vegan as an emotional response to a vegan propaganda video and he’s finding a hard slog to keep up long term (there was an egg incident earlier…. which they all refer too in dark tones). Also he became a father a couple of years ago and I suspect there are diet problems with his child and his wife put her foot down and he doesn’t want to make it about his kid so he’s taking the heat himself.

Apparently this happens any time there is a high profile defector from the cause and I understand why but they maybe should rethink releasing them – they sound a lot like they’re trying to convince themselves rather than anyone else.




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