Pollish Jokes

Okay, so the polls were all laughably wrong about the election and even if Biden/Harris eke out a win (legitimate or not) the question remains how could they be so wrong?

I think there are two parts and second depends on the first.

A new theory of mine (not so new and surely not mine) is about the old saying ‘a fish rots from the head’. The story of the US over the last 20-30 years has been one of cascading institutional failure. The head is a stinking pile of putrid mess…. and the rest is not looking any fresher.

The rot has now reached the dorsal fin…

First, comes elite failure (where the most powerful move away from symbiotic relationship to the rest of us to being purely parasitic). This began in the early 1980s and was probably cemented in place in the years 2000-2004. Most people stop here.

My idea is that collective elite failure will be immediately followed by collective failure down the line.

Destination: Failure

For the lack of a better term I’m going to call this Professional Failure and is the process whereby previously skilled professions are hollowed out of substance and either turned into money farms by the parasitic elite or invaded by grifters who want in on the parasitism and whore themselves out to the elite.

Elite and professional failure in one handy picture.

In the US this can be seen in:

Medicine: both the healthcare sector and the pharmaceutical industry are now simply criminal money grab operations. The fact that some people get some healthcare along the way is immaterial to that fact (organized crime groups also have sometimes provided services).

Academia: Universities have transformed from vehicles for helping young adults become contributing, productive members of the economy into an arm of Woke Enforcement. Student loans have become a financial trap miring many graduates in insupportable debt. Hiring faculty (real faculty with benefits) is down and hiring of management and diversity grifters is up. The fact that some faculty does some worthwhile research and teaching is immaterial to the overall landscape of institutional collapse.

Journalism: As someone who had parents in journalism and some experience myself most of what passes for journalism in the New York Times would not meet the standards of a small town weekly thirty years ago. Journalism has become a holding pen for the failspawn of elites or corporatized out of existence.

Given this context, what on earth would make anyone think the polling industry wouldn’t collapse (in terms of quality) as well? Rather than trying to measure public opinion with greater accuracy I suspect it’s become a weapon in the grifter armory – whoring out results to whoever pays.

The second part of this comes from Nudge theory where polling results are intended to help shape opinion rather than monitor it.

I think part of the Biden Landslide narrative was the polling equivalent of Trash Talk in sports, trying to psyche out the opposition. “Biden is sure to win, you MAGA choads, why bother even voting?” Alternately it’s meant to make the opposition second guess itself. “Hey let’s spend massive resources to neglect our base and chase after the votes of people who would rather die than give them to us”

It’s only going to get worse as sector after sector of the economy is drained of talent and mission and repurposed to serve the bloodsuckers at the top.

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1 Response to Pollish Jokes

  1. methylethyl says:

    This is why I want my kids to become plumbers. If you’re a plumber, and you do it wrong, you’re out of a job. There’s no faking it.

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