Leave them wanting more…

Maybe because I’m (happily) not in the US that the events around the capitol and Trump seem different. My gut idea is that Trump is basically putting on a big show as a grand finale for his presidency…

He’s spent the last five years freaking people out with trolling and sending them into hysteria over tweets… why would he stop now?

I saw one comment that (after the 3rd world excuse for the popular vote) that maybe Trump would be more useful as a martyr than a leader… I don’t think for a second that he’s going to martyr himself (as in jail or death) he just wants to go out with the biggest trolling operation in living memory.

And he’s actually doing a huge favor to the system by turning himself into a bogeyman that everyone can unite against. A smooth transfer of power would be far more disruptive.

I, of course, could be wrong. But…. this seems a lot more like a spectacle than an attempt to stay in power by any means…

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1 Response to Leave them wanting more…

  1. methylethyl says:

    I don’t even know what to think. As insurrections go, it was a shambles. No organization, no strategy. No allies on the inside.

    The cynical side of me thinks it was a raging success… for whatever Q is. The central message of the whole Q thing, from the beginning, AFAICT, is that everything and everyone at the top is rotten, but you don’t have to perform any real-world action in response.Don’t worry, Trump is gonna bring the cavalry in and save America! Share on social media! Look! You’re helping! From your computer! IMO, if not for 3 years of Q promising salvation without action, some of these people might have engaged in real-world organizing and practical political strategy. Instead we got yesterday: a bunch of people realizing this was, in fact, the end of the road and no cavalry in sight.

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