Voting, the more the better!

I’m wondering how long it will take for Democrats to start advocating for open ballots. Before you dismiss the idea as crazy, hear me out.

In open balloting, the polls open and anyone can vote anywhere as many times as they want (and/or may send in as many mail-in ballots as they want).

If its good enough for Eurovision, then it should be good enough to choose positions like President or Senator….

It’s already been established that asking voters for any sort of identification is something that only literal Nazis are interested in doing. So why try to check the identity of anyone voting?

Surely there will only be a negligible number of people who vote more than once (since it’s such an ordeal) so we should welcome those who want to vote multiple times as strengthening democracy! What are you some kind of number Nazi wanting to limit people’s political expression?

Open balloting is obviously the next step in creating a more open society and world.

(I haven’t actually checked if people are already arguing for this or not… it would not surprise me a bit if this is an old idea.)

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5 Responses to Voting, the more the better!

  1. methylethyl says:

    People who want to cast more than one vote should be allowed, since they’re more enthusiastic about democracy, right?

  2. But if everybody can vote as often as he likes, you create a disadvantage over all the dead!

  3. el says:

    I thought you read him, right? So post here too:

    Good news! The blogger Scott Alexander has returned:

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