If There is Hope, it Lies in the Gamers

I’d been very pessimistic about the future after the Biden inauguration and the tempest of executive orders coming out of the Oval Office and had worked out what some likely possible short term and long term scenarios were. They were not good.

And then GameStop happened and I realized I had left out an important consideration. I hadn’t reckoned with the Independent Variable in the Room…… gamers.

Anyone remember Gamergate? Most people have moved on and it was quickly memory-holed but it was one of the most significant political moments of the millenium so far.

In essence (leaving out specific personalities) the progressive/liberal/leftists (three separate but intersecting groups, I’ll use PLL as an abbreviation) activists showed up to make gaming more progressive/liberal/leftist… and lost. Now I’m sure that many gamers are insufferable jerks in real life and they’re probably pretty sexist (though not nearly as much as popularly portrayed). But credit where credit is due: This was the first time in my life that a group had a) stood up to the PLLs, said “No! This is our turf!” and made it stick.

Then they went back to gaming and, in an exercise of good manners, the failure of the PLLs was quickly forgotten and partly rewritten as a victory…

Then a few years of nothing and now they’re back and stronger than ever. While money and finance are perhaps the most boring topics in the world for me, I’ve done a little research to make myself less ignorant about this case and I think I understand the broad outlines.

What’s stunning about the whole thing is that a bunch of random reddit guys (not exactly the same as gamers but close enough for government work) have dealt the single biggest blow to the financial class that’s happened in my lifetime. They’ve had about one hundred times more impact against Wall Street than Occupy, Bernie Sanders, Antifa and all the pretend revolutionaries put together. And they mostly did it for shits and giggles.

I expect that the financiers and their servants in Washington DC will recover and probably work out some ways to prevent hoi polloi from bothering them again and I wouldn’t rule out retro-active legislation to go after the GameStop redditers.

But…. the future is now a lot less….. fixed than it was a week or so ago. I’m giddy.

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