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Eurovision 2021: Finale and Summary

After the first and second semi finals comes the big night…. Bye Bye Awards…. (in order of appearance). UK: Affable looking singer in an under-powered performance of a forgettable song (I can’t remember a single thing about it). Spain: Wimpy … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2021: High notes and hard rock

So Eurovision is back! And yesterday was the second semi-final. Rundown: San Marino: A high energy number I would like except the human piece of garbage known as Flo Rida was part of it. Fool needs to take care of … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2021: Back! And that’s enough!

Eurovision is back! I love Eurovision beyond all rationality and was very upset about it being cancelled last year. Now it’s back and the first semi-final is over. The excitement and happiness of the crowd in Rotterdam was touching as … Continue reading

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