Eurovision 2021: High notes and hard rock

So Eurovision is back! And yesterday was the second semi-final.


San Marino: A high energy number I would like except the human piece of garbage known as Flo Rida was part of it. Fool needs to take care of his kid and not mess up Eurovision. San Marino, you are dead to me.

Estonia: Earnest under-powered ballad. I wanted to like it and… couldn’t.

Czech Republic: This sounded like some song that came in second or third a couple of years ago in the Swedish selection process. Not any particular song, but it tries so hard to sound like a Swedish entry…. pass.

Greece: Youngest performer and I feel bad because I don’t like the song or performance.

Austria: Almost a power ballad… and a committed performance but the repititions of “Is this what you want?” kept reminding me I don’t want this.

Poland: Oh Poland, why do you even try? Polish musical tastes don’t jibe well with much of anything and this is an undistinguished up tempo number that appeals to…. who?

Moldova: Didn’t like the video and the song is only so so but a strong committed performance by a Eurovision crazy lady and a high note at the end held for over 15 seconds won me over. Keep on keeping on, Moldova!

Iceland: I honestly can’t tell the difference between their songs this year and last year. Kind of nice seventies soft-funk and the performance is fun… but on tape because someone in the band tested positive… no more zoom entries!

Serbia: Three Eurovision crazy ladies for the price of one! Their upbeat song mixes Balkan and latin vibes. Da da! Si si!

Serbia's Hurricane - Eurovision 2021 First Rehearsal | wiwibloggs

Serbia attempting the difficult triple-crazy-lady and nailing it!

Georgia: Yet another earnest not quite power ballad. I guess they’re trying for the same mood as last contest’s winner but…. not working for me.

Albania: Strong energetic crazy lady vibes. I’m in!

Portugal: This song sounds like what you’d get if you crossed Elton John and Bonnie Raitt in 1974 and then sent the offspring back in time 25 years and he released his first album in 1973 and this was the lead single. The song is okay…. but the vocalist produces some spectacularly ugly sounds when he tries to sit on notes.

Bulgaria: The sort of thing I usually hate (vulnerable pixie girl contemplating the cruelties of life) but…. she carried it off.

Finland: Dark horse of the evening. The video was okay but this hard group came loaded for bear and produced the strongest performance of the evening. Just. On. Fire!

Finland tunes in to Blind Channel - Eurovision Song Contest

Finland doing what it does best. Rocking out.

Latvia: I wanted to like it and probably would have liked it more had it followed Georgia or Estonia… trying for a crazy lady vibe but…. Apparently her song last year was a lot better.

Switzerland: Another song that’s easy to confuse with last year’s entry, but in a good way. It has all the strengths (maybe more) than last year’s song. Strong vocal over an atmospheric backing.

Denmark: Late 70’s early 80’s sound and a lead singer that looks like he has to catch his breath between verses. I’m all for it, but I’m not sure how the audience is taking it.

Seven were eliminated (Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia and Denmark) the only one I really will miss is Denmark….

And on to the final this Saturday!

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