American Dysfunction… coming to a country near you?!

I’ve been watching an obscure youtube channel lately that is updated almost daily. It features drive by videos of the worst, most dysfunctional areas of Philadelphia.

It’s gripping and horrific. Trash is piled up on the streets along with homeless tents and a rainbow set of addicts are shooting up or nodding off or passed out on the sidewalk.

Streets of discarded humans

A new drug cocktail (known as ‘tranq dope’ among other names) causes users to more or less pass out on their feet or amble like zombie extras in the Walking Dead. Others kneel on the sidewalk.

I remember decades ago first hearing the phrase ‘irrelevant for production’ applied to groups of human beings and that was followed by ‘irrelevant for consumption’. These are people who have no place in the current reality and have been discarded like the garbage on the street they’re OD’ing in. And something tells me they’re going to be having lots of company because many governments seem to be actively working to shove as many of us onto the streets as they can. Pass the tranq dope….

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