Glengarry Glen Jab

Over the last few months more and more government figures across the world seem less interested in…. you know…. leading than in pushing vaccines. No counter-indications, no caution just jab, jab, JAB!!!! Now, now, NOW!!! Get your booster and then your next booster!!!!

In recent weeks this has ramped up to surreal levels and now they seem less like Heads of State and more like hungry salesmen working entirely on commission trying to make their sales quota, and if they’re lucky, maybe qualify for a bonus.

When did government turn into a MLM scheme for vaccine companies? How long before they just rename government institutions. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Moderna President of the United States!

The Pfizer President of the European Commission gettin’ jiggy with Pfizer head as he shares the good leads, the Glengarry leads….

Why are no journalists looking into the economic relationship between politicians and pharmaceutical companies?

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1 Response to Glengarry Glen Jab

  1. methylethyl says:

    “Why are no journalists…?”

    Because they saw what happened to Assange, and they don’t want to do that.

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