The Genesis of Praxis

On my recent flight to Malta, the airport (not so busy now overall) had three different flights leaving in the span of 10 minutes. One to Malta, one to a large German city, and one to a Ukrainian city (let’s say Kiev). There didn’t seem to be that many passengers for the flight to Germany but the other two were full (or close to it).

Before the safety announcements, there were repeated announcements in English and Polish.

The English announcement (pre-recorded by the airline from the sound of it) was roughly: “This airplane is flying to Malta, if that is not your destination, please inform a flight attendant as soon as possible.”

The Polish announcement (by a member of the Polish flight crew) was slightly different: “This airplane is flying to Malta. If you are flying somewhere else, for example to Kiev, please tell the flight attendant now.”

I still wonder if that was a one off or standard operating procedure now…

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