The Plague and I and Die (or not….)

I got vaccinated back in February-May with the Astra Zeneca vaccine for a number of reasons (a risk factor or two and it wasn’t whatever those mrna things are).

Then in mid November, at an outdoor event I started feeling too… cold. The muscles in my back were uncomfortable and so I left early and went home. That night was pretty uncomfortable the muscle aches weren’t terrible and I wasn’t coughing or short of breath though I did have a weird, intermittent headache unlike others I’d had (like a vertical slice between the front and back of my head) but it was hard to find a comfortable sleep posture and I kept going back and forth between the bed and an armchair that I sit in when I have trouble sleeping (not hugely rare).

The next few days continued those symptoms, I didn’t produce much mucus or cough much (at last after the morning) and didn’t feel especially bad, was never short of breath and didn’t have much of a temperature (I don’t think it got above 38 C using an under-the-arm thermometer that’s standard here).

I contacted my institution and said I was cancelling class due to cold-like symptoms. A few days later a close friend (who’d also been at the same event) came down with the same symptoms and ended up getting a covid test and it was positive.

I called my family doctor (this was five days after the first symptoms which were becoming weaker by the day) and explained the situation and he gave me a referral for a test for the next day. Unfortunately it was in an awkward location to get to by public transport and I ended up walking 20 minutes to get there and a similar time afterward to get to another stop to go home (this was the first time I’d left home after symptoms started ).

The test came back positive the day after that and I was hit with a 10 day stay at home order (from the day of the results not from the day of the test).

The irony was that getting the test probably prolonged the symptoms a couple of days but by two or three days into the stay at home order I felt worse (mentally) than any time during the symptoms.

The friend in the meantime had a bit of a worse time (including noting some potentially troublesome symptoms) and was in the hospital for just under a week. I met him on the day he got out (and my quarantine had ended) only to find out they gave him a 10 day stay at home order… Not sure of what that meant for me I called up my family doctor who suggested I call the agency that gives out the quarantines. I didn’t want to do that because they’d called me early after the positive result and it was clear that they were overwhelmed (I think the person I’d talked to was a student hired part time to make such calls following a script).

I eventually found a government site that those who’d officially recovered (as I had) were not subject to quarantine after contact with someone who was. But I still played it relatively safe while not exactly following quarantine (no details will be given here).

The whole thing felt like a stupid waste of time more than anything else. If I hadn’t gotten the test I probably would have been back in class after missing one week. As it was, between the various isolation orders I missed three weeks of class.

Just the other day I was talking to a student who was worried that they’d missed class during their own covid adventure (and totally understood when I said the stay at home order was more uncomfortable than the illness).

Did the vaccine make any difference? Would I have had a worse experience without it? I dunno… maybe.

Interestingly, when I went to Malta in December they wanted proof of vaccination (ora recent negative test) but did not recognize post infection immunity. So to get in I showed that had been vaccinated (and didn’t mention that it hadn’t actually worked….).

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