The More Things Change…. (the more they change)

Happened to run into one of the few Americans I know here the other day.

“You know” I said “It’s very odd to be in Poland now looking at news pictures of empty shelves in American stores”… I was obviously thinking of the 1980s where bare shelves in Poland and other Eastern Bloc countries were a news staple.

Before long he mentioned that despite being a news junkie he can’t stand the news from the Old Country these days. I should mention that so far (knock on wood) disruptions to the local supply chains have been relatively small and a few things are harder to get but nothing like what I see coming out of the states.

I then mentioned the idea of ‘elite failure’ that is, the country is being run by people who are clearly not up to the job. Incompetent and stupid and, what’s worse, blind to their own incompetence. What’s worse, both parties are similarly rotten through and through. It’s not like electing a bunch of establishment Republicans would make anything better. They’re just as bad (in a different way) than the unholy trinity of Biden-Harris-Pelosi…

I mentioned Ron De Santis as a potentially good Republican candidate which is a huge change. I’m so used to Florida being run by incompetent and/or corrupt boobs that the idea of it having a competent governor with a possible national future still seems hard to hold on to. He mentioned Tulsi Gabbard (the only democrat I would trust an inch at this stage though she’s been frozen out of the establishment).

My dream ticket at this stage for 2024 is De Santis/Gabbard. Trump is played out (he played a valuable role but… it’s time to move on) and no one else seems to have enough brains to pour piss out of a boot (with instructions printed on the sole).

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3 Responses to The More Things Change…. (the more they change)

  1. methylethyl says:

    I’d vote for that ticket. I’d be sad to lose him as governor of FL, though– it’s been fantastic to have someone competent at the wheel. He cleaned out the nest of electoral corruption down in Miami/Palm Beach, steered us through the Cooties19 debacle competently, and since the gas prices have been exploding, he has declared a gas-tax holiday, as we currently have a budget surplus.

    • methylethyl says:

      Well, OK, I’d vote for DeSantis. I used to like Tulsi, but once she turned up on the roster of WEF Young Leader grads… I have a hard time trusting her anymore. I feel like everybody on that list should simply be banned from any kind of government job, elected or not, for life.

      • cliff arroyo says:

        Almost every politician probably has some kind of WEF connection (I wouldn’t be surprised if one could be dug up for DeSantis). Why not just ban politicians for breating oxygen?

        I still go by records. Gabbard took a big hit with me for her pro-Putin position….

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