Billboard of the Times

Support for Ukraine against the Russian invasion is as close to a non-partisan issue as I’ve ever found in Poland. The only ones against are (maybe… they’ve been pretty quiet) the proto-fashy types who might like to return Poland to the Russian ‘sphere of influence’ represented in parliament by a rag-tag coalition of sub-groups that hate each other but joined together for elections and maybe a few welfare leeches that are worried about the amount of their handouts….

In that spirit I saw this on a busy streetcorner a few blocks away from where I live.

Russian warship, go fuck yourself!

Interestingly, many under the age of 50 or so would not be able to read it. After the collapse of communism Russian (a previously required subject) was dropped from the curriculum and most now don’t even know the Cyrillic alphabet. So this was probably put up in support of Ukrainians living in the area (of which there is no shortage).

I have no idea who paid for it. If I’m on foot in the area I might see if there’s small print somewhere.

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