About Moi

What can I say about a guy like me? I’m American, I live in Poland and have for many years. I work warping the minds and distorting the perceptions of young people with intellectual pretensions. They sort of pay me.

I’m not getting any younger, the jury is still out on the ‘any smarter’.

Politically I’m a pragmatist who supports policies that maintain and support civil society (because that’s the type of society I want to live in) and human happiness (because screw sackcloth and doom and gloom).

I’m fascinated by popular and other culture and have the broadest musical tastes of anyone I personally know (from punk to opera to country to asian pop to world music and outsider fringe stuff and a bunch of other stuff).

I don’t believe in any kind of distinction between popular, folk and ‘high’ art. Art is art, there’s good and bad.

I’m fascinated by belief (being incapable of any kind of religious belief myself) and don’t distinguish belief in organized religion, other superantural beliefs of the more fringy conspiracy theories.

If you have a question then ask!

4 Responses to About Moi

  1. Garr says:

    Is there a Polish equivalent of Dostoevsky (or Dickens)? (Don’t say “Conrad”!!! Doesn’t count.)

  2. cliff arroyo says:

    I was thinking more of Sienkiewicz or Gombrowicz but Prus might be close in some ways to Dickens.

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