The Agenda on the Agenda

The tech oligarchy supports trans… ideology because it disrupts traditional feminism which has outlived its uselessness to digital capital. It doesn’t support trans-racialism because it blurs the lines between races which might lead to class consciousness.

Anything that the tech oligarchy pushes that doesn’t make any kind of rational sense on the surface probably ultimately serves to disrupt some potential threat to their power and influence.

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A Diet of Crazy Pills

I love conspiracy theories as interesting things to look at, not as ways of understanding the world. I’ve read and followed more than my fair share and though I’ve let my knowledge slide in the last few years I have a grounding in understanding the more popular theories and understand roughly how they’re built.

Here’s the thing. Almost all of the mainstream media coverage of covid makes me think I’ve stumbled on a new theory nurtured by a few people the details of which are still being made up as they go along. It has no internal coherence or mechanisms to reconcile the parts that don’t fit. It’s uncooked and flimsy and obviously…. not true, by which I mean that I do believe there’s a virus that’s dangerous to some people but nothing media or governments are saying about it seems to have any real connection to reality.

The whole course of media coverage has had a feel of… disengagement with reality from the beginning with asymptomatic (vs presymptomatic) transmission and exponential growth and contact infection. The long wrangles about whether masks work (at doing what and how and what kind of masks?) and how transmission even happens (airborne or water droplets) seem less like experts figuring out a new phenomenon and more like people revising a script during dress rehearsal and then making further revision in the intermission between acts.

Maybe all science works like that and looks like that close up while it happens. I’ve never been involved in the hard sciences (my own field is characterized by massive memory wipes so that phenomena can be rediscovered and passed off as new findings).

But in the last two or so weeks there seems to have been a major ramp up in patently silly stories that I can’t imagine anyone with any education actually believing…. In Australia the virus creeps escapes through cracks in doors (or through walls)? Covid causes diabetes? A person can get infected with more than one strain at a time?

This is less like reporting things from the real world and more like small children creating ever more elaborate lies about what happened to the cookies they weren’t supposed to eat before dinner.

Presumably this is prolong lockdowns as the Irish prime minister a few days ago let it slip that current plans are to keep borders closed for the entirety of 2021 (and probably longer).

This won’t end on its own and it won’t end through government action or vaccinations.

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The Most Important Book Nobody Has Read…

Back in the day when the world was more or less normal, I would often walk through a train station (I love train stations) on the way to or from work. There was (is?) a newsstand in the main hall that I would occasionally stop in for a few moments to scan the book shelves.

Weirdly, at some point a number of copies of The Governance of China by Xi Jinping… in English. This was odd because all the other books were in Polish, just this one wasn’t. I dismissed this as… I don’t know, just weird distribution thing like Scientologists buying L. Ron Hubbard’s terrible fiction to keep him on the bestseller lists… over the years I’d heard or read a few dismissive comments about the book but it seemed no one was paying attention.

Now I’m thinking that maybe more people should have taken this seriously. After all, his political philosophy has effected the largest change in the global socio-political order since the collapse of communism in 1989. And it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Almost every country on Earth has adopted the worldview and governing policies of the Chinese Communist Party without a shot being fired or a single wall falling.

Are there hints of a desire to export Chinese governance methods along with Chinese slave labor goods in the Governance of China? If so, then what else is in that book? Forewarned is forearmed as they say and it might be worth people’s time to see what else might be coming down the pike…

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More than a Virus got out of China

About a year since I first heard of the mysterious and scary virus from China the world has changed. Without getting into theories of manufactured vs natural or escaped vs released, one thing has been very clear.

There has been a _massive_ increase in the political soft power of China.

Forty years ago, the US and some other western countries, made a huge bet that trade with China would ultimately make China more like the West. Now, along with the coronavirus expanding out of China the Chinese method of government has been exported as well.

A year ago, the idea of governments being able to shut down economies by decree and prevent people from freely associating and to detain them in medical quarantine (with no symptoms of any disease) or tell them that they have to cover their face or can’t leave their homes indefinitely or their children can’t go to school was unthinkable.

And now it’s routine. With each passing day the old reality fades a bit more.

This represents a fundamental shift of the relationship between government and citizen and will not go away once the virus does without concerted citizen effort to reign in the unaccountable power of government. If that doesn’t happen the social damage will take years (or generations) to undo.

Biden’s barrage of executive orders comes from the same ideological place that mask mandates and the Uyghur concentration camps do. Governments order and citizens obey.

No one talks anymore about the concentration camps the Chinese government runs to deal with an inconvenient religious minority because we’ve all accepted the basic premise underlying the creation of the camps.

We’re all Chinese now.

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If There is Hope, it Lies in the Gamers

I’d been very pessimistic about the future after the Biden inauguration and the tempest of executive orders coming out of the Oval Office and had worked out what some likely possible short term and long term scenarios were. They were not good.

And then GameStop happened and I realized I had left out an important consideration. I hadn’t reckoned with the Independent Variable in the Room…… gamers.

Anyone remember Gamergate? Most people have moved on and it was quickly memory-holed but it was one of the most significant political moments of the millenium so far.

In essence (leaving out specific personalities) the progressive/liberal/leftists (three separate but intersecting groups, I’ll use PLL as an abbreviation) activists showed up to make gaming more progressive/liberal/leftist… and lost. Now I’m sure that many gamers are insufferable jerks in real life and they’re probably pretty sexist (though not nearly as much as popularly portrayed). But credit where credit is due: This was the first time in my life that a group had a) stood up to the PLLs, said “No! This is our turf!” and made it stick.

Then they went back to gaming and, in an exercise of good manners, the failure of the PLLs was quickly forgotten and partly rewritten as a victory…

Then a few years of nothing and now they’re back and stronger than ever. While money and finance are perhaps the most boring topics in the world for me, I’ve done a little research to make myself less ignorant about this case and I think I understand the broad outlines.

What’s stunning about the whole thing is that a bunch of random reddit guys (not exactly the same as gamers but close enough for government work) have dealt the single biggest blow to the financial class that’s happened in my lifetime. They’ve had about one hundred times more impact against Wall Street than Occupy, Bernie Sanders, Antifa and all the pretend revolutionaries put together. And they mostly did it for shits and giggles.

I expect that the financiers and their servants in Washington DC will recover and probably work out some ways to prevent hoi polloi from bothering them again and I wouldn’t rule out retro-active legislation to go after the GameStop redditers.

But…. the future is now a lot less….. fixed than it was a week or so ago. I’m giddy.

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Voting, the more the better!

I’m wondering how long it will take for Democrats to start advocating for open ballots. Before you dismiss the idea as crazy, hear me out.

In open balloting, the polls open and anyone can vote anywhere as many times as they want (and/or may send in as many mail-in ballots as they want).

If its good enough for Eurovision, then it should be good enough to choose positions like President or Senator….

It’s already been established that asking voters for any sort of identification is something that only literal Nazis are interested in doing. So why try to check the identity of anyone voting?

Surely there will only be a negligible number of people who vote more than once (since it’s such an ordeal) so we should welcome those who want to vote multiple times as strengthening democracy! What are you some kind of number Nazi wanting to limit people’s political expression?

Open balloting is obviously the next step in creating a more open society and world.

(I haven’t actually checked if people are already arguing for this or not… it would not surprise me a bit if this is an old idea.)

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Leave them wanting more…

Maybe because I’m (happily) not in the US that the events around the capitol and Trump seem different. My gut idea is that Trump is basically putting on a big show as a grand finale for his presidency…

He’s spent the last five years freaking people out with trolling and sending them into hysteria over tweets… why would he stop now?

I saw one comment that (after the 3rd world excuse for the popular vote) that maybe Trump would be more useful as a martyr than a leader… I don’t think for a second that he’s going to martyr himself (as in jail or death) he just wants to go out with the biggest trolling operation in living memory.

And he’s actually doing a huge favor to the system by turning himself into a bogeyman that everyone can unite against. A smooth transfer of power would be far more disruptive.

I, of course, could be wrong. But…. this seems a lot more like a spectacle than an attempt to stay in power by any means…

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Pollish Jokes

Okay, so the polls were all laughably wrong about the election and even if Biden/Harris eke out a win (legitimate or not) the question remains how could they be so wrong?

I think there are two parts and second depends on the first.

A new theory of mine (not so new and surely not mine) is about the old saying ‘a fish rots from the head’. The story of the US over the last 20-30 years has been one of cascading institutional failure. The head is a stinking pile of putrid mess…. and the rest is not looking any fresher.

The rot has now reached the dorsal fin…

First, comes elite failure (where the most powerful move away from symbiotic relationship to the rest of us to being purely parasitic). This began in the early 1980s and was probably cemented in place in the years 2000-2004. Most people stop here.

My idea is that collective elite failure will be immediately followed by collective failure down the line.

Destination: Failure

For the lack of a better term I’m going to call this Professional Failure and is the process whereby previously skilled professions are hollowed out of substance and either turned into money farms by the parasitic elite or invaded by grifters who want in on the parasitism and whore themselves out to the elite.

Elite and professional failure in one handy picture.

In the US this can be seen in:

Medicine: both the healthcare sector and the pharmaceutical industry are now simply criminal money grab operations. The fact that some people get some healthcare along the way is immaterial to that fact (organized crime groups also have sometimes provided services).

Academia: Universities have transformed from vehicles for helping young adults become contributing, productive members of the economy into an arm of Woke Enforcement. Student loans have become a financial trap miring many graduates in insupportable debt. Hiring faculty (real faculty with benefits) is down and hiring of management and diversity grifters is up. The fact that some faculty does some worthwhile research and teaching is immaterial to the overall landscape of institutional collapse.

Journalism: As someone who had parents in journalism and some experience myself most of what passes for journalism in the New York Times would not meet the standards of a small town weekly thirty years ago. Journalism has become a holding pen for the failspawn of elites or corporatized out of existence.

Given this context, what on earth would make anyone think the polling industry wouldn’t collapse (in terms of quality) as well? Rather than trying to measure public opinion with greater accuracy I suspect it’s become a weapon in the grifter armory – whoring out results to whoever pays.

The second part of this comes from Nudge theory where polling results are intended to help shape opinion rather than monitor it.

I think part of the Biden Landslide narrative was the polling equivalent of Trash Talk in sports, trying to psyche out the opposition. “Biden is sure to win, you MAGA choads, why bother even voting?” Alternately it’s meant to make the opposition second guess itself. “Hey let’s spend massive resources to neglect our base and chase after the votes of people who would rather die than give them to us”

It’s only going to get worse as sector after sector of the economy is drained of talent and mission and repurposed to serve the bloodsuckers at the top.

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The Polish Abortion protests in a Nutshell

I have the idea that some might want to know what’s going on with the abortion thing in Poland.

Quick and dirty rundown

Abortion was legal in the communist period but not common for a number of reasons, some of which were religious. The thing is, though, contrary to old stereotypes most Polish people aren’t very religious. In communist times support of the Roman Catholic church was as political as it was religious and after 1989 people wanted to church to go back to being a church and not a major political player. But the church (which had been an important source of resistance against the communist government) tried to flex its muscles and overplayed its hand (which began a gradual but very real decline in support of the church that is not slowing).

One of the things it accomplished was mostly outlaw abortion except in certain conditions in 1993 and later healthcare workers were given the option of not participating in abortions. Over the years, although no one liked the situation almost everyone had learned to live with it although that involved a lot of… not paying close attention. There were clinics (real clinics) that unofficially offered abortions and the border with the Czech Republic was open and no one asked questions.

Activist judges – Polish conservative style

A small group of people however kept the issue in the news and in parliament through a series of citizen initiatives which had enough support to make parliament look at the issue but not nearly enough support to justify parliament actually doing anything.

And then came the activist judges. Some who wanted a total ban on abortion at some point looked at the US where laws without enough popular support to prevail at the polls are turned into law by the judicial branch.

“We could do that too!!!” they said (that is not an actual quote).

The ruling government had been packing the Polish supreme court (known as the Constitutional Tribunal) with compliant judges who would not challenge them (nb Poland has a Civil Law system which is pretty different from the Common Law tradition of most English speaking countries so it’s not exactly the same thing but… close enough).

So recently the Constitutional Tribunal looked at the sections of abortion law allowing abortion in the case of unviable fetuses and declared that it was in violation of the constitution. The Polish constitution is another whole bucket of worms but that’s not for today. The main thing to realize is that Polish legal language tends to be imprecise and ambiguous (this is a cultural feature and not due to the language itself) so it’s probably possible to read almost anything into a document that’s long enough (and the Polish constitution is over 60 pages long).

One misstep too many

That’s when the shit hit the fan. The PiS government had been making a series of missteps from proposed animal rights legislation that alienated the countryside to declaring that covid was overcome (just before the second wave began for real) and the government had been wasting time in an internal power struggle. This was one straw too much and completely alienated almost all younger voters and most highly educated voters.

Protests began and have been going on every day since. While some covid restrictions have been introduced the protestors are not paying attention. One surprising aspect is that in some places there have also been protests in the countryside.

“Jarek! The only pussy that you can make decisions for is named Andrzej.”

(Jarek – Jarosław Kaczyński, president of PiS, Andrzej – the president of Poland known for doing anything Kaczyński tells him to.

The protests have been almost entirely peaceful despite a few rhetorical…. excesses (see picture above). The president of the governing PiS party made a video that was painfully out of tune with society defending the tribunal decision and calling on party members to ‘defend’ churches and Poland.

And so it goes…

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The Worst Case Scenario…. No, that sounds too optimistic…

I see that it’s Nobel season and looking at twitter here and there I suddenly had the worst. though. ever. I really hope I’m wrong. I really, really, really, really, REALLY hope I’m wrong.

I have the horrible feeling that the Nobel Peace Prize this year will go to……

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