Pictures of my food – White Borscht edition

I’ve come to the opinion that Tracey Ullman is right, I don’t pretend to know what happens to us after we pass on, but the more I think of it the more I know I don’t want to move onto that next plane of existence (or non-existence) before I’ve had the chance to share lots of pictures of food.

Anyhoo, to start off this is a little old, it’s a typical Easter or spring weekend breakfast in Poland, called White borsht (bialy barszcz). It’s pretty simple to make but you need fermented wheat (biały żur) to make it.

Basically you add onions and white sausage to water, pour in the white borscht (let the solids settle to the bottom and pour the clear liquid into the water). Then add horseradish and majoram to taste (I like a a crapton of both). The taste is savory and sour with a bite to it. Serve with good dark bread and add cut up hard boiled eggs before serving.

white barszcz

There it is. It can also serve as dinner easy to make and very filling.

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1 Response to Pictures of my food – White Borscht edition

  1. Clarissa says:

    Wow. That’s really unusual. Maybe in Western Ukraine there is something like that but in my part of the country, we’ve never seen it.

    I’m very glad you’ll be posting photos of food. 🙂

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