My Mexican Border Policy

Thinking about the caravans of today (and the many more caravans of the future) I decided to sketch the outline of a comprehensive policy for the US-Mexican border. You are welcome. These are the broad outlines, of course the details would need to be worked out.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania crowd at us mexican border

Only crazy people think this is sustainable….

*Asylum cannot be applied for at the border, or by anyone who enters the country in an irregular fashion.

*Those in the country illegally who apply for asylum are held in non-punitive but monitored detention centers until their cases are decided. Yes, camps, family friendly but camps that they cannot leave.

*Consulates are set up in some border (and internal) cities in Mexico for processing asylum claims.

*A large number of short and medium work visas (6 month to 2 years) not tied to specific employers are made available for citizens of Mexico (and other Latin American countries). These are not immigration visas. Should a person with such a visa wish to immigrate (even though marriage) they have to return to their country of origin and apply. A visa can be extended a finite number of times. Anyone caught overstaying their visa is immediately deported.

*Birthright citizenship is ended.

*Enforcement of existing labor laws is enhanced. When violations are found employers are heavily fined and laborers are immediately deported.

*Dreamers (with no violent criminal records) receive citizenship but their parents do not.

I’m only interested in constructive criticism, don’t point out problems with this policy unless you have a better alternative that is not ‘open borders’ in disguise.

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3 Responses to My Mexican Border Policy

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  2. nnnnnn says:

    What is the goal of this policy? And where do legal immigrants — those who come from countries like India and China and are on green cards and H1Bs — fit into your picture?

    I agree with almost all of these, except the ending of birthright citizenship. To me, that’s the one measure that feels overly harsh, especially when applied to children of legal immigrants.

    • cliff arroyo says:

      Goal 1. Regain and maintain control of the southern border
      Goal 2. Bring border policy in line with majority opinion in the US
      Goal 3. Recognize that a large majority of short term labor migrants from Mexico to the US have never wanted to become Americans (so make it easier for them to come as short term labor migrants)

      I don’t know enough about immigration from India and/or China or H1B (besides the fact that the H1B system lends itself to massive abuse of domestic workers (and those in the H1B program).

      I have no problem with making citizenship automatic or very easy to get for children of legal immigrant parents, but birthright citizenship has to be ended to put an end to birth tourism or citizenship granted to children of illegal aliens (both of which are problems)

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