Resistance Theater

People like protesting but when it comes to the climate, they don’t actually want the kind of changes that would be necessary to accomplish their supposed goals. That is why they’re careful to stay in the realm of general “Do something!” demands addressed to no one in particular. This helps them cultivate a self-image as progressive people who challenge authority without having to go without any of the modern goodies they’re addicted to.

Climate Girl’s yacht trip across the Atlantic is a good example. She took two weeks out of her busy schedule to sail to New York in a much ballyhooed zero carbon boat. Meanwhile, behind the scenes the stagehands (ie boat crew) are flying around like crazy effectively doubling the carbon footprint that she would have made had she just bought an airline ticket like a normal person.

I’m kind of a climate agnostic – I freely admit I’m completely unqualified to come to any kind of conclusion based on the conflicting data available. I do think, that any problem will not be solved by lifestyle changes (which cannot be implemented without North Korean style totalitarian compulsion) but by technological innovation and the real action should be in increased funding for new technological solutions.

The elite fly private jets to an idyllic spot in the Mediterranean to lecture everybody about how they need to live like Chinese peasants in the year 1971. Sorry. No sale.

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