Dear Diary, Youll never guess who came by today!

The more I think about this story… the less convincing it becomes.

So my current idea is that the FBI doesn’t care about the diary at all. It was stolen/leaked in 2020 and had been memory-holed by a sympathetic media/tech complex. I was barely aware of them or what they supposedly contain. Why carry out raids that would generate more publicity for them (and essentially confirm that they’re genuine)? If so, it’s not even that shocking. Biden’s awful parenting and inappropriate behavior around young girls has long been public knowledge.

It might be that they’re setting up Biden to be a scapegoat and to move him out of office in favor of President Harris. Of course she has no charisma and is deeply unpopular but oligarchs don’t much care if their mouthpieces are popular as long as they keep control of things. On the other hand, nothing she’s done so far gives any indication that she could keep things from boiling over.

So, my working hypothesis is that they got wind of something O’Keefe was working on and this is a preemptive strike to shut that down. The diary is a cover story while they look to derail the _really_ damaging story. I have no idea what it is but I hope O’Keefe has some very secure deadman switches and security. He has to have known this was coming sooner or later (if anything, I’m surprised it took so long).

If anything making this about the diary shows just how unimportant Biden is in the real scheme of the emerging plutocracy – of course mentioning it now is going to be embarrassing and remind people…. but who cares about Biden? No one. He’s a front.

And for the record, everything I’m aware of that Project Veritas does is legitimate journalism (far more so than most of what appears in the New York Times, for instance). Journalistic stings have a long, honored history and the same people who squawk about things being taken out of context would be cheering similar stories about their political enemies.

And it’s a signal that dissent is going to be tolerated less and less. Twitter and Facebook have established the model of pro-active censorship of dissenting voices and that’s going to be exported to government now.

So glad I’m not there.

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1 Response to Dear Diary, Youll never guess who came by today!

  1. methylethyl says:

    Yeah, this scenario also had occurred to me. I’ve read the diary. There’s nothing overtly incriminating in there, only suggestive. And every bit of it has been public for a long time. Why the fuss now? Oh, right, because they’ve had O’Keefe in the crosshairs since the election, at least.

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