The Mind of True Believers

This reminds me of an article I read years ago in a magazine supplement to a Polish newspaper. A couple of minutes of googling didn’t turn it up though I’m going to keep looking. Anyhoo, the article was a rememberance of the author’s mother a Jewish Pole and devoted communist in the years following WWII.

What I remember most vividly was that at some point the mother was imprisoned and tortured. Horrifyingly she didn’t hold any kind of grudge against the party, she felt if the party said she had done something wrong she must have done something wrong and even if she wasn’t sure what it was she thought she should be punished for it. Her trust in the movement was that great.

After her eventual release she would sit around with friends (who’d undergone simmilar ordeals) and fondly reminisce about their experiences in prison and the funny nicknames they’d come up with for the various forms of torture they endured. The only one I remember was Zakopane (named after a winter ski resort in Poland) where they were stripped naked and drenched with icy water.

I keep thinking of this more and more. So much going on in the world today reminds me that some people are impervious to even the most direct and violent evidence. When ideology replaces personal judgement then nothing good happens or can happen.

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