Sexual Abuse in Hollywoo? Let Me Put On My Shock Face

I was not the slightest bit surprised by the contents of the initial disclosure nor the subsequent rolling revelations that an acclaimed Hollywood producer turned out to be a morally corrupt sexual predator. The only thing that slightly surprised me was that the information did finally reach the light of day. Apparently it’s been common knowledge for years and different media were sitting on the story for months before finally letting it through to print.
Oddly I find I mostly don’t really care. One of the very weird things that’s happened since the 1960s or so is the elevation of actors to moral spokespeople. This is a very odd cultural glitch and might finally be fading away now none to soon. Traditionally performers have been morally ambiguous and the historic ties between acting and prostitution (covert or overt) are very strong and the old Morals Clauses in actors’ contracts in old Hollywood were a way to try to keep the public antics of actors out of the public eye.
I’ve known more professional performers than most people have (including a very famous person in Poland) and in my experience they tend toward…. not immorality but rather amorality. They simply don’t understand certain concepts related to morality. Trying to keep my sidewalk psychoanalysis under some kind of control there is someting missing in their psychological makeup which is probably what draws them to performance in the first place or which makes it possible for them to peform.
This is why I don’t care what actors or singers or anyone in show business says about politics. All I care about is can they do their job and deliver the goods when it counts. Beyond that, I don’t care about what goes on in what passes for their minds and the less I know of the details of what they think their beliefs are, the better.
And just as performance tends to attract morally blank people, the prospect of vast financial gain and influence tends to attract the most morally repugnant. How could anyone not realize that money men and decision makers are probably almost all sexual predators just as almost all performers prostitute themselves in various ways?
What bothers me much more than the current scandal are the persistent rumors of systematic child sexual abuse in Hollywood. All the players in the current sordid scandal are adults (young adults in many cases, but adults) who knew exactly what the rules of the game are. But children are an entirely different matter. I look forward for the day when child actors can be replaced by CGI.

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2 Responses to Sexual Abuse in Hollywoo? Let Me Put On My Shock Face

  1. goldsteinweb says:

    Whoopie Goldberg does not look great and defended Roman Polanski publicly. Just a hint.

  2. ShaunRe says:

    I don’t think that the extortion of sexual favours in excange of the possibility to work should ever be considered acceptable in any environment, no matter how “weird” or “different” the people working there are.
    That said, Hollywood has always been a hellish cesspool where children shouldn’t be allowed; just think of what they did to Judy Garland.

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