The Problem with Firefox…

Firefox has become my new symbol of what’s happened to the internet and home computing. I used to love Firefox, it was easily the easiest most convenient internet browser ever. But the trend in the internet is for terrible things (facebook) to remain unchanged and for great things to be crushed under the weight of bubble inhabiting nitwits who have no idea how people actually use computers. Or who despise them and want to make life as unpleasant for them as they can.

The idiots in charge of Firefox only understand two types of users

  1. themselves and other dwerbites who design things in a bubble with no consideration for what most users want or need,
  2. mouth-breathing smartphone zombies who think that squinting into a bad phone-camera-computer for hours and hours every day is a good thing and don’t want anything better.

I belong to neither group so each new version of Firefox works worse than the one before and is harder to use for the work-related tasks that make up between a third and a half of my total internetting experience. The newest version for reasons known only to people that don’t use a computer for work have made bookmarks harder and more inconvenient to access, a minor detail but one that makes all sorts of things longer and more awkward to do with no gain whatsoever. But…. shiny design or something.

I now pretty much hate and despise Firefox and the only reason I’m not yet actively looking for something to replace it is the sure knowledge that if I find something that I like it will soon descend into the same type of pigfvckery that Firefox is.

I sometimes wonder if it’s intentional, if the CEO is taking under the table payments to ruin Firefox or if they’re just that dumb and shortsighted. Modern Firefox makes me hate the world.

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1 Response to The Problem with Firefox…

  1. Microsoft Edge is worse. They do autocorrection and all kind of weird stuff. I only use it by accident and it is horrible every time.

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