Progressivism, Keeping People Apart

One of the odd things about modern progressivism, ostensibly based on universalist and humanistic ideals, is just how much energy it expends in trying to prevent individuals from interacting as individuals. Instead, individuals can only interact as exemplars of various collective identities which exist in a complex hierarchy requiring constant self- (and sometimes other-) monitoring.

A whole series of vacuous ideas like ‘rape culture’ (sexual original sin), micro-agressions, intersectionality and privilege (and others) serve the ultimate goal of turning  interactions between the sexes or across ethnic, religious or racial lines into awkward and unpleasant minefields with evil intent posited behind every casual word or gesture. I write that this is the goal because I think that things usually work the way they are intended (and when they don’t they are changed). If feminist ideas aren’t helping men and women relate to each other as human beings and equals (and not discarded in favor of more functional ideas) then the purpose is to prevent men and women from having anything like mutually beneficial (non-romantic) relationships.

If the idea of micro-agressions was meant to serve any purpose other than turning individuals into bitter grievance generators (and increase the likelihood of professional failure which can be assuaged by retreating into the warm, embryonic soup of group loyalties)  then it’s a failure so its continued existence suggests that it’s serving its intended goal.

The problem with universalist ideas is that homo sapiens is not really a universalist species but rather a discriminating (in the non-judgemental meaning of the word) and hierarchical one and so most philosophies meant to bring people together will ultimately devolve into new ways of dividing people up.

I’m all in favor of lessening the importance of (not eliminating, that’s impossible) various kinds of barriers between people and peoples but the only way to ultimately do that is to be pro-active and discard philosophies and theories when they stop serving that purpose. Most of the ideologies purporting to serve progressive ideas are way past their sell-by dates and need to discarded in favor of better ideas.


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