Spanish Leftovers

Here’s a bunch of random crap about my recent trip to Spain, none of which I have enough to say about in an individual post…

*Spanish TV seems stupider than it did just a few years ago. This is very random and impressionistic and might be wrong but… it seemed a little stupider.

*Mexican-Indian restaurants are apparently a thing there (I saw signs for more than one such… establishment). I can’t imagine any way that Mexican and Indian food (both of which I love individually) can exist in the same vicinity without leading to some kind of tear in the space time continuum.



Yes, this happened. I’m not making it up….

*Andalusia is the hottest place I’ve ever been. It’s not so much the termperature (I’ve been in places with higher temperatures) but the heat attacks you in all directions in a way I haven’t experienced anywhere else. It feels like being in deep water (with pressure all around you) but with hot air instead of water.

*Despite the increased stupidity levels Spanish TV is blessedly free from Trumpomania. There was an occasional mention of his existence when relevant but no more.

*Tourist markets (I don’t know another name for them) those ubiquitous little stores in any seaside place in Europe that sell water, alcohol, cigarettes, candy, some basic food and tourist stuff are almost all run from people from South Asia. If you look like a tourist (most of their clientele) they don’t respond if you speak Spanish…

*The airport at Málaga has added German to its signage. The German is on top with English underneath (both in white) and Spanish on the bottom in yellow. That said, I don’t think I heard German on the street or beach or in the hotel twice…

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania malaga airport signage

Where have all the Germans gone….

*The new Prime Minister who came to power because of a vote of no confidence for the old Brontosaurus called Rajoy is acting like he has a huge mandate from the electorate and doing all sorts of things that seem like… distractions (like digging up the bones of Franco) while he backpedals away from actually tackling austerity.

*Not only were there almost no Germans, there were very few Brits (once the major tourist group). The single largest foreign contingent both in my hotel and in town and on the beach were… the Dutch. Weird.

*I would have thought you can’t really combine Russian salad and tuna, but you can as I discovered at a tapas place in the market. It was weirdly delicious.

*The miserable old ghost of Rajoy emerged to oversee the crowning of his successor, a Macron wannabe (who since I got back has managed to get in his first scandal).

*There were hardly any Africans peddling pirate goods. Maybe this is because of all the Dutch people (notorious as cheap bastards in most of Europe).

*The Mediterranean was freaking freezing. I was absent-mindedly wondering why more people weren’t swimming in such nice looking wat….. holy mother of hell is that cold! And finally getting in the water and swimming didn’t change that, worse, there were currents that were even colder. I don’t know what was going on. Id’ swum there before and it wasn’t nearly so cold.

Podobny obraz

Not recommended for messy eaters…

*I was at a chiringuito (kind of a seafood place on the beach) and ordered gambas pil pil (shrimp sauteed in olive oil infused with garlic and chili peppers), which is not a good choice for a messy eater. I managed to eat the shrimp without disgracing myself but then I wanted to sop up the oil with bread and the very last piece of bread broke in two and splattered onto my shirt. My record remains intact.

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  1. Z says:

    Spain. Always fun and also funny. 😀

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