Bombs and Things that go Boeing in the Night…

An idle thought just struck me (I should have been looking out). How much of the current push for military conflict with Iran can be traced to Boeing’s financial difficulties since their disastrous 737 Maxie Crashie plane debacle?

I seriously have no idea… how big is Boeing’s arms division? Does it exist? How many people (especially how many lobbyists) have a real incentive to help the company through it’s current difficulties? Would a new war in the Middle East benefit Boeing? How much? What kind of ties do they have to the Washington establishment? Would they be a prime mover or just piggy-backing on the neocons who’ve been pushing for war with Iran for some time.

It’s very sad that people are obsessing with Trump’s supposed decisions (my best guess: the attack was ordered by someone else and he stopped it) and look more deeply into the corners. There might no be much there…. or….. there might be stuff we should know about.

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