Belief Means Never Having to Say you’re Sorry

There’s an interesting interview (English translation / original German) with Carola Rackete, a captain with Sea-Watch an NGO that facilitates the business of human trafficking from Africa across the Mediterranean and into the EU. It’s really very illuminating, not about the migratin crisis (whatever you think about that won’t change in the slightest) but as a short profile in belief and idealism.

Rackete comes across as either unrealistically idealistic or simply demented. She thinks the half a million or so people who have been trafficked to Libya need to be brought into the EU as quickly as possible and sees no upper level limit on the number of migrants that Europe can or should accept. Meanwhile back in reality, the number of Sub-Saharan Africans who would like to move to North America or Europe is measured in the hundreds of millions….

But this doesn’t matter to Rackete, she’s an idealist and for true idealists there are no trade-offs, no negative externalities, no unforeseen consequences… there is simply the ideal and anything that furthers that is good and anything that doesn’t is bad. This is of course a kind of infantile way to see the world and Rackete doesn’t disappoint here either, she’s suing Italy’s very popular interior minister who had her briefly arrested after she docked without authorization in Lampedusa and collided with an Italian patrol boat trying to prevent this. In a quote that sounds like she’s regressing to the playground and wanting teacher to bring another student to heel, she offers:

“He has spread untruths, and I want him to be forced to delete these untruths on Twitter and Facebook. And for a judge to tell him: ‘You must never claim something like that again!'”

MaybeThere’s no reasoning or dialogue with someone like Rackete, you can only try to defeat them and do what you can to make sure they stay defeated. Most of the time nothing you can say or do with break though their idealistic armor. Apparently the interview has not been that positively received in Germany so there’s some hope of keeping her in check for the short term.

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