It’s Human Nature

In most of the world (the exceptions being parts of Europe, North America and Northeastern Asia). The single most important value is group loyalty. The particular group that one should be loyal to differs from society to society. It might be the extended family, the clan, the tribe, the caste or religion (those usually overlap and different loyalties are triggered at different times). But absolute loyalty to the group and acting on its benefit as the highest possible value is the defining feature of a probable majority of humankind.

Most of us outside this worldview usually don’t understand it or assume that it’s easily mutable (it’s not) and that individualized personal morality is an attractive alternative to it (it’s not). Keeping this in mind, the political and social problems in much of the world easily clear up. This doesn’t mean that solutions are easy to find, just that the nature and/or causes of much dysfunction throughout the world makes sense in a way that it doesn’t if you don’t understand how group loyalty works.

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