Microsoft Officially Becomes Malware

I’m not the type to hold grudges in computing terms. I was disgusted at how the best browser ever began sefl-destructing in order to become an advertising delivery system but I found a good enough replacement (Waterfox, official slogan: We’re like Firefox before it began to suck donkeys!) and deleted Firefox from my computers and don’t care about that anymore.

Microsoft is different, it’s never been that good but it was good enough for government work (and I work, technically speaking, for a government) so… yeah. But lately it’s been on a crazed jihad to become as insufferable as possible and it’s clear I’m going to have to find replacement system.

Just under two years ago I bought an HP stream. It’s not much of a computer with an internal USB rather than a hard disc but it’s not meant to be much of a computer. I bought it to be a light portable computer (with a keyboard big enough for me to use) for travel and to take to work. I only kept a few programs on it and worked entirely off of USB pen drives (flash drives).

It did its job just fine, but now Microsoft has decided that I need an 8 GB update which there is just no room for. I tried doing the update with an external disc but no, it wants me to clear 8 GB’s of space off of the internal USB and has lately started sending threatening messages about the dire consequences if I don’t accept this pigfucker of an update full of stuff that I have no earthly use or desire for and would simply delete as soon as it was installed (if it could be installed)

And now there’s thisAnd now there’s this. The final straw. Microsoft is now officially a public health hazard and if it doesn’t back off of this I will have to waste massive amounts of time in figuring out how to replace it and learning some other system (which is again a massive waste of time that I could be using productively).

The best version of Word (in being able to quickly create and modify content was 1997-2003 and every update since has resulted in a net loss of productivity for me. Five seconds to do something instead of three might not sound like much but multiply it by the thousands and it adds up.

The rule in computing is everything gets worse and worse until only the stupidest people are attracted to using it.

The digital explosion in the 1990s was perhaps the single biggest potential advancement in human knowledge and potential since the printing press and it scared the powers that be so much that they’ve been on a concentrated campaign to roll it back ever since. And their sustained efforts are now starting to bear fruit.

Within a couple of years the entire internet will be pared down to a half dozen social media sites and the collective IQ of humanity will drop like a rock. All by plan.



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  1. Portia says:

    Linux Mint

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