What Condition is Merkel’s Condition In?

And old saw from PR is (roughly) “If people are worried about something, don’t reassure them in a way that’s likely to make them worry about something else…” In other words, if you’re on an airplane and you find yourself sitting next to someone who’s very afraid to fly don’t say “Actually taking off is easy…. it’s the landing that’s dangerous!”

That’s what I think about this little tidbit meant to reassure the German and European public about whatever’s going on with Angela Merkel. No, she wasn’t dehydrated during her second shaking bout… it was all psychological!

The idea that the de facto leader of Europe (leader of the leading country) is in such delicate psychological health that she can’t control her shaking in public…. is not reassuring. Especially since, despite her announced retirement she doesn’t seem to be in any kind of hurry to be moving on…

I read one Polish article where a distinguished neurologist was asked what he thought. After the usual hemming and hawing about the dangers of diagnosing from afar…. he volunteered that visibly her shaking was consistent with extrapyramidal symptoms (more so than Parkinson’s). I don’t know if that’s ultimately more reassuring or not.

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