Mid-point Notes on GLOW

I’ve finished the 6th episode of GLOW. I like the scene where they drag Debbie to a wrestling show and she’s bored and distracted until they start explaining the storylines and her face lights up: “It’s a soap opera!” As a soap actress she’s finally sold on the show and her part in it. I first referred to pro wrestling as a soap opera for working class men back in the mid 1980s (IIRC I hadn’t read that, it came out spontaneously when trying to describe the appeal to the core audience).

Justine and her pizza punk would be boyfriend are the most 80s thing in the show. I knew a lot of people that looked and talked and acted like that. A lot of the 1980s nostalgia is just a leetle off but those two are dead on.

Most people were raving about Marc Maron as Sam Sylvia the exploitation director who’s in charge of casting and scriptwriting. He’s very good but just as it takes a couple of episodes to realize Ruth isn’t a great actress it took a few to show just how out of water this chain smoking Stan Lee-lookalike fish is. He still doesn’t understand wrestling or its appeal to the audience (Bash is much closer to understanding).

The biggie is at the end. As the great Jim Cornette has said, it’s the crowd that ultimately picks the heels and faces, and the great heel and face turns have usually been forced by crowd reaction. The problem is that Debbie and Ruth should be reversed. Debbie’s attitude is much more heel-like and its her personality that can be teased into a bitch goddess champion that the crowd wants to see taken down while Ruth’s indefatigable never-say-die attitude is much more endearing and worthy of cheering. I don’t know if or when they’ll go there but it would be a much better angle.


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